Thursday, February 05, 2009

Yes We Did!

From Hélène Volat, Head of Reference

On January 20, 2009, I attended Barack Obama’s Inauguration in Washington DC with my husband, Robert, and my daughter, Aurélie. After volunteering for the campaign from the very beginning, canvassing houses in Pennsylvania under pouring rain in October, calling hundreds of people on the phone, overspending our budget on contributions, and agonizing over the final outcome of this election, it was the logical thing to do.

We enjoyed every minute of it and hardly noticed the deep cold because of the incredible warmth of the crowd surrounding us. It is the first time since I arrived in this country that I took part in an event that gathered such a diversity of people, of all races, celebrating not only one man but a new future. It was moving and exhilarating. I did not dance with President Obama at the Hawaiian Inaugural Ball. But never mind… Yes we did!

Note: You can see more of Aurélie's inauguration photographs cycling through the pics in the upper right corner

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