Thursday, July 31, 2008

library (surreal) video

The Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC) recently sponsored a video contest, LilTube, to showcase Long Island libraries -- and Melville Library got in on the act.

Stony Brook Southampton librarian Darren Chase describes his entry, secret library, as "surreal" and "the library as a psychological experience". Darren's video combines a trip through Melville Library with backwards writing and field recordings of Tibetan throat chants, B'hai prayer and thunder. Watch secret library for an uncommon perspective on the library.


Anonymous said...

fabulous. love the sound effects. amazing all those books, eh [grin].....

pbwiener said...

Really terrific, Darren! Though I don't really believe in library promo videos, I do believe good filmmaking always has an impact.

PB Wiener