Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thomas Jefferson Award Recipient

Erin O'Donnell was this years recipient of the 2008 Thomas Jefferson Award.

Erin is an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry with minors in Philosophy and Women's Studies. She has worked in the Interlibrary Loan department for the past year as a student assistant. Even with her demanding course load and work responsibilities Erin has gotten heavily involved in the campus community and is currently the treasurer for the Students Taking Aim at Challenges (STAC) whose mission is to bring awareness to the university community of disabilities in order to bring changes to negative perspectives and demand campus accessibility. She is a current member of the Social Justice Alliance (SJA), which is part of the global justice movement committed to struggle for community democracy and social justice. She is also a member of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance FMLA whose members work to raise consciousness about the systematic oppression of women and minorities in our society. Erin's goals after college is to become a research scientist in the medical field, working to increase knowledge about the mechanisms of human diseases in order to find better treatments. She also aspires to become a better person and looks forward to opportunities to give back to the world with kindness, generosity, and encouragement.

Congratulations Erin!

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