Monday, November 27, 2006

University Libraries Acquire American Revolution Wartime Letter

Stony Brook University Libraries has acquired an American Revolution wartime letter from General Nathaniel Woodhull to General Philip Schuyler written from New York on March 4, 1776.

Nathaniel Woodhull, the eldest son of Nathaniel Wodhull and Sarah Smith, was born at St. George’s Manor, Mastic, Long Island, on December 30, 1722. His first employment was in a military capacity in the war between Great Britain and France from1754-1760. He was appointed major in the Provincial forces of New York and served in the army under General Abercrombie. In 1760, he served as Colonel of the Third Regiment, New York Provincials, under General Jeffrey Amherst, which marched against Montreal and effected the final reduction of Canada. He was appointed to head the combined militias of Suffolk and Queens Counties in 1775.

Nathaniel Woodhull was captured and fatally injured by the British in August of 1776. He died on Sept. 20, 1776, at the age of 54 and was buried at his Mastic home.

Stony Brook’s Special Collections, with a contribution from Dr. Henry Laufer and State funds provided by Assemblyman Steven Englebright acquired a letter from George Washington to Major Benjamin Tallmadge in May 2006. Plans for an exhibition featuring the two letters are in development.

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